ICT service provided by PositronLabs

        Proposal and audit of ICT

Company employees for a long time have taken a part at management and proposal elaborating of ICT systems for critical operations. Our company solutions provide innovating system design, with accent to the protection of customer investments, of course, with using of newest trends and with a view to the future. In the past our team participants performed detailed audit of large systems with the aim to propose the optimal solution for next development to customers.

         Special defense aplication

image8231.pngIn this area our company focuses at the science and research projects for force resorts of The Czech Republic. At this time our company employees cooperate at some projects for Ministry of Defense, mainly in the area of command and control system, at the concept of Network Enable Capability, and at the implementation of new systems procured for NATO, for example ACCS (Air Command and Control System).

Our company participants work, for example, at AFCEA organization, and in the past they participated at the work for Research and Technologies Organization NATO. In former times our employees participated at the work for committees in NATO structure, namely in NACMO bodies.          

          Research and development in IT branch

For a long time PositronLabs company employees are involved in research and development of IT architectures, and of operating systems. Actually our company, with support of others subjects, works at internal project called “MLA OS”, which represents the development of fully new and unique conception in operating systems.




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