Sensitive data protection

Sensitive data protection from strategic point of view is declared by 412/2005 chapter.

 MLA technology, mainly due to MLA Switch device, makes possible absolutely secure interconnection of two or more computers from different security domains. The interconnection security consists in fact, that there are not any data interconnections, but in principal only video signals from the systems, classified differently, are combined at one monitor. 

 Mainly for security reinforcement reasons, PositronLabs Company is currently preparing new hardened version of MLA Switch. This MLA Switch will be placed in a zone with higher sensitivity, and DVI signal from the system with lower sensitivity will be transmitted by optic fibers, of course, with no possibility of feedback.

Next device produced by our company is hardened MLA Data Diode , which consist of two separate parts, transmitter and receiver, which can be connected by optical fiber with length up to 2km.



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