Unique and totally secure architecture for information processing in very heterogeneous environment. The basic of this technology is fully hardware oriented device – called MLA bridge, which serves as an integrator of more video signals to one picture.

You can them easily buy and use

MLA Switch

It is a device, which belongs to the family of external KVM switches. But MLA Switch represents an intelligent device based on unique MLA technology, which serves for the integration of more PC's to one whole. If you are looking for a device, which will totally increase the security of you data, your comfort, and productivity, MLA switch... the product, which you are missing!

MLA Workstation

The device is based on unique MLA technology. But MLA Workstation represents a complex device with more PC's in one case embedded. This unique connection with MLA Bridge brings, except data protection, also comfort of one simple device. If you want to protect your data and computer against attacks, simultaneously you do not want to lose comfort, and you want to have under your desk only one device, ....

.... MLA Workstation is the only one thing you do not have.

MLA Data diode

The device represents simple and simultaneously absolutely secure solution for one - directional data transfer between two separate computers or information systems. If you need only transmitting of your data and you need to be 100% sure, that the attack through receiving site is absolutely eliminated…

…MLA Data Diode is definitely the solution which you are seeking

MLA Manager station

This station is designed for users who need to process sensitive data on their notebook, which is not recommended to be connected to the internet, and simultaneously they need to communicate with surroundings. If you are at home or in your office really worried about connecting of your notebook to the internet…

…MLA Manager Station is for you the right solution


B&U PC is definitely new series of computer systems for companies and home using. These systems have, thanks to company technologies, one very important capability. They do not require any upgrades, patches, virus are allowed them simply to buy and use. are allowed them simply to buy and use.

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