Ochrana soukromých dat

During our private data protection, normally using our home computer, we all usually make our best in the area of internet attacks prevention, either virus, spyware or private data attacks. Last but not least we try to answer the question, what our “darlings” have spread from the internet to our home computers, and if it is not hazardous to connect, for example, our company notebook to them, especially in case of processing company confidential data or documents.

MLA technology provides absolutely secure solution. The basis is separation one PC unit as only one computer connected to the internet and used as an email client. Second computer, which is required to protect, mainly because of saved private data, installed games, saved private pictures, etc., is connected to the first one by external MLA Switch device or by internal MLA Workstation embedded in one case. It is very important that you are allowed to work with both computers intelligently; it means you are not able to recognize the difference from working at one; both computers are operated through one keyboard and one position device, application windows are displayed at one common monitor. The user is not able to perceive switching between the computers, because everything is executed automatically, according to analysis of mouse position above combined video signals provided by computers. Working with MLA devices is absolutely comfortable, does not make any troubles to the user, and it is purely ensured that the internet attack does not affect more than PC designated only for net browsing. 

MLA Data Diode is possible to use for secure, one – directional data transfer between two computers.

TSecure solution for your company notebook interconnection to the home network or to the internet Manager MLA station.

Positron labs s.r.o, 2009
Code: Jiří Honomichl