Ochrana osobních údajů

The statutory duty, in accordance with 101/2000 chapter, arises for companies from the need to protect sensitive personnel data.

The risk for organizations, which are required to implicate this statutory duty, consists mainly in imperfect protection against external attacks focused on single computer or net, where sensitive data are processed or saved. The biggest threat is the interconnection of these systems to the internet. 

MLA technology makes possible absolutely secure interconnection of computers or net to the internet concurrently with the 100% guarantee of data protection. The solution consists in supplementation of computers by external device called MLA Switch or in use of internal version called MLA Workstation. This solution makes possible to create public and confidential zone, first is designated for email communication and for internet browsing, second for confidential data processing. 



MLA Data Diode is possible to use for secure, one – directional data transfer between two zones.

This concept makes possible to create separate zones on computers, but the user can work with them as inherently as with one computer. Data transfer is allowed only through MLA Data Diode.

Positron labs s.r.o, 2009
Code: Jiří Honomichl