MLA Workstation

MLA Workstation is a special PC, which makes possible hundred per cent secure connection to more nets with different levels of data sensitivity, without data confidence threats, mainly from the net with lower requirements.

Typical example is possible hacking of private data, which are saved on the disk, normally used also for the internet connection. Next example is possible threat for your computer, which is at the same moment connected to the internal company net and to the internet, because it can represent an escape of data and information about business, clients, personnel etc.

MLA Workstation represents more PC's to one case embedded and their connection by using of unique device – MLA Bridge.

image6351.jpgA device with this construction is possible to connect by using of separate PC's to different nets, and without any problem to start needed applications and to process the data. By connection of DVI out-puts to MLA Bridge pictures from separate PC's are integrated to one picture, which is projected at the same monitor.

Each PC unit is allowed to install any kind of operating system, which is supported by hardware. The operating system installation is not dependent on MLW Bridge, and the operating systems do not have the capability to detect this device.

Thanks developed technology, other hardware, called MLW Bridge, is added to standard PC. The main sense of MLW Bridge is to make possible using of more operating systems, namely fully transparently and safety in the same moment.

 Operating systems are not, by any way, adjusted for operation at MLW architecture, and they use standard distributions. In the same moment you can use MS Windows, Unix/Linix or SUN Solaris. Applications can work without any limitations.


Basic types of device

  • MLA Lite – NB or standard PC supplement, without any HW impacts
  • MLA High – designed for usage in certified environment

Operating systems

  • IA-32 (64) operating systems family
  • If MLA Bridge is used Mai systems above different architectures are supported (SPARC)
  • Number of operated systems – normally up to 4 going parallel.


   Network environment
  • Exists for each system separate
  • Each system can have separate physical interface
  • Peripheries are not shared between systems
  • Only monitor, keyboard and position device are shared 


Positron labs s.r.o, 2009
Code: Jiří Honomichl