MLA Data diode

Under common research and development made by PositronLabs, ELO and AVATRON companies new, revolutionary device for one – directional interconnection of two separate PC’s or systems has been introduced.

image24281.jpgMLA Data Diode represents easy and simultaneously secure solution for one – directional data transmission between two separate computers or information systems.

MLA Data Diode goes on standard USB device.



The data transfer from one side to other side is realized through optical component without any feedback. This solution unimpeachably ensures secure and only one-direction data transfer without any possibility of data transfer by the second (backwards) direction.


image15341.pngimage3741.jpgThe device is provided with simple application SW for the transfer of files, and also of complete clipboards content (clipboard data are currently transferred only in text form).



Maximum speed of transfer is actually 1Mb/s.


Positron labs s.r.o, 2009
Code: Jiří Honomichl