AMPER 2009

Not only participation is important….



For the first time in history, PositronLabs Company participated at AMPER 2009 trade fair. Although the company usually introduces its own products at trade fairs, which are focused mainly on SW, for the present we achieved to address our customers in this area too. In addition to known products we introduced our new products, especially MLA Data Diode with its new hardened version interconnected via optical fiber, and new crypto mechanism based on secure Vernam crypto system, called MLA Key Space.


image17891.jpgWe decided to send our key product, MLA Switch, up GOLD AMPER award. During gala evening MLA Switch was advertised as the most beneficial product. Committee of experts was interested mainly in the ability to solve IT security on HW level, independently on operating system, without any need to install drivers or updates etc. They valued the universality of MLA Switch, which can be used for large technological centers control, or for the virus, spyware or other internet attacks defense, and for personal or company confidential data protection.


Invex 2008

image9491.pngFor the first time, PositronLabs Company introduced MLA family products at INVEX 2008 trade fair. The device called MLA Switch was nominated at CRYSTAL DISC award.

Although this participation was probably for our company the last one, we can say, it was very successful introduction of our products for general public.

Positron labs s.r.o, 2009
Code: Jiří Honomichl