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About us and about our partners

PositronLabs company is a private firm concerning in ICT business.

Our company was established in 1995, at that time with the name of ELO Computers, and its main business was distribution of ICT and providing of courses in the area of ICT (more than 1000 graduating people), mainly in the region of the South Bohemia. From the beginning we have distributed computers with the mark of ELO, which were supported by very high standard of service and three years guarantees. Thanks its qualities ELO Computers was chosen as the best coordinator and distributor of ICT among companies participating at the program of “The Internet to Schools”.

In 2008, after joining of some significant subjects, which have been participating at the market for a long time, mainly in the area of research, development and hi-tech systems, and after employment of others ICT specialists, our company changed its name to “PositronLabs”, better to correspond with the company profile.

The aim and the main task of our company is research, development and, partially, also producing in the area of ICT and advanced technological solutions for the future. Company members for a long time participate at the development of future technologies, they work as members in professional organizations, have many publications, lead work teams, work in the area of education and have many others activities.

The company works with its own solutions based on own patents and industrial designs. For example, in the area of computer security we can offer unique solutions all over the world.

/“... I was walking along a big building, where some masons were working. I stopped, and after several moments I asked one of them: “What are you doing?” He answered very annoyed: “You do not see? I am laying down bricks! Side by side!”

I stepped aside a little bit and asked the next one: “And you, what are you doing here?” He looked at me and answered peacefully: “I am earning money for my living.”

When I achieved to have the attention of the third mason, he smiled at me, and said: “What do you think? I am building a cathedral!”

Our values

Company leadership creates a lot of space, where customers wishes and capabilities, professional access, and our participant visions, can meet, everything with the full respect of ICT future. Company leadership creates one team with full company, and with each member and each employee.

In working teams we create environment for permanent company development, and, of course, for customers and our members satisfaction. In our company we are building cathedrals!

Positron labs s.r.o, 2009
Code: Jiří Honomichl